We will finance your domain name for up to 24 months at 0% interest. 

Terms of finance:
Payments will be set up through PayPal as a subscription for the terms agreed to. (6, 12 or 24 months)
Your 1st payment will be due when subscription is initiated. The domain name will still be available for sale until the first payment is received. It will then be marked as sold.
We will hold the domain name until the terms are completed. It will be directed to your hosting account so you can use it right away.
SCAMS: We do check the sites regularly that we finance. If we see any type of SCAM being hosted on the site we will immediately terminate the financing agreement and repossess the domain name by no longer directing it at your hosting. All funds you have paid will not be refunded and will be considered payment for damages to the domain name. When a Domain is involved in a SCAM it damages it's reputation which in turn damages it's value. This is the damages we mean. You will no longer have access to the domain and we will not sell the domain to you for the remainder of the financing as we do not and will not support scammers.